Redhead Eagles Nest with TWS Slide

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Product Code: RED-ENST

Redhead Eagles Nest with TWS Slide. This Redhead Eagles Nest: has 1 keypost which is concreted 600mm deep. The playground consists of 2 skyfort decks, TWS Slide which comes off the 1.2mtr deck height the second skyfort deck is at 2.2mtrs high which is called a lookout, the kids can climb up the side rungs to get to the top deck. The playground also comes with a white loop climbing rope which hangs off the top log at 3mtrs high. The CL6 Plywood Climbing Panel (2400x384mm) comes off the side of the playground where the kids can climb up and down. The Eagles Nest also comes with a pair of AX10 Ha ... Read more

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